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Cost of Living

Here we have linked a number of "cost of living calculators" that compare how far your money will go when moving from one place to another. We think you will find it financially advantageous to move to McKinley County.

None of these calculators features Gallup or McKinley County, but we have tried to identify, in each case, the cities that are comparable to our area. While these findings cannot be considered scientifically accurate, and the factors that go into cost of living vary from one individual to another, they provide a reasonable starting point for your estimates.

CNN Money has a cost of living calculator.

Bestplaces.net shows Las Cruces, (but we think the cost of living is cheaper in our area).

Bankrate.com features Farmington and Carlsbad; Farmington is geographically closer to us but perhaps slightly more expensive than Gallup.

Salary.com has Las Cruces and Alamogordo; the latter, while geographically distant, is perhaps the closest of the two to our cost of living.

We hope these can help you make a reasonable estimate of the expenses incurred when moving to our area. If you would like more information, the cost of living in our area is a topic of discussion in our video testimonials; and if you have more specific questions that are not answered here please feel free to contact the Gallup Area Chamber of Commerce.